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a little history about our company

Globe Car Wash has been locally owned and operated since 1967. Originally operated as a full-service car wash and gas station. In 2004 the gas station was removed to make way for express detailing as well as the areas first free vacuum stations and the conversion of the wash to the current express format. The wash has been constantly updated over the past 25 years with the addition of:

  • All new wash equipment with the safest all foam wash material
  • 150 HP of blow dryers
  • The areas only Buff-N-Dry system
  • 15 Free Vacuums with free towels, free window cleaner, free mat cleaners, free high pressure air
  • Mood setting interior lighting
  • Pay Stations
  • Unlimited Wash Program

We stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and guarantee you are getting the very best wash as well as great customer service. Your experience is our #1 priority.

We assure you that we will go above and beyond to ensure that you leave happy.

A side note:

The building we operate in is an architectural style known as Googie Architecture. It originated in Southern California with the Streamline Architecture of the 1930’s and was popular nationwide from 1945 to the early 1970’s. You will see this design reflected in our logo and signage.

we love our wash

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Get a Free Wash!

Get a Free Wash!

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